INDIA – Is Nuclear power an alternative..?

We need nuclear power to solve climate change.

“We’re not in a clean energy revolution; we’re in a clean energy crisis,”

Last night around 10 million people in India slept without electricity. India is a developing country and it needs a lot of energy to meet the requirements of its people. India gets it its energy supply 4 times from coal compared to renewable’s.

So you can think what’s a big deal in nuclear power plant as we are getting enough electricity from coal to meet our demands. One on hand we are developing at a faster pace and on the other hand we are destroying our environment at same rate. Every year 10 gigatons of Carbon is being added into our atmosphere. It is estimated that 550 gigaton of carbon is already added to our atmosphere. At this rate we are even making the adolescents and teens prone to serious health issues and cancers. So here comes the picture for looking forward to clean energy.

Rich Countries do what they choose and Poor Countries do what they must. India didn’t brought power to people but people to power with low cost energy. Even the indoor pollution is more as most of the people do not have proper clean cooking fuels.

  • The production of electric energy is continuous. A nuclear power plant is generating electricity for almost 90% of annual time.This continuity benefits the electrical planning.
  • Nuclear power does not depends on natural aspects. It’s a solutions for the main disadvantage of renewable energy, like solar energy or wind energy, because the hours of sun or wind does not always coincide with the hours with more energy demand.
  • It is estimated that nuclear facilities have saved 1.84 million lives since their inception by preventing the release of countless amounts of harmful pollutants/emissions.
  • Modern nuclear plants can produce electricity for just four cents per kilowatt hour (including capital construction costs!), a good competitor compared to solar energy’s 16 cents per kilowatt hour and coal’s 9 cents/kWh.

So Nuclear energy is an alternative to fossil fuels, the consumption of fuels such as coal or oil is reduced. This reduction of coal and oil consumption benefits the situation of global warming and global climate change. By reducing the consumption of fossil fuels we also improve the quality of the air affecting the disease and quality of life.

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