VEGETARIAN OR NON-VEGETARIAN : How to choose your food habits.

The ancient India was a systematic society, where people according to their profession were divided into castes: 

1. Brahmin, who were teachers, used to study scriptures, used to carry out holy works in temples, yagnas and all. Since their physical activity was limited and the diet should have been suitable to their life-style they were advised to avoid meat, and all other cholesterol-rich food sources – as their lifestyle was sedentary and consuming such food was unhealthy for them. And so they were advised to be on diet of fruits and vegetables and avoid much use of spices –Tamsik food – as they call them.

2. Rajput, or warriors, who usually were into the army and required a well-built and strong body, were advised to have meat and protein-rich food.

3. Vaishya, or businessman, were rich, and could consume both in a balancedway. They had to stop consuming Tamsik food with age.

4. Shudra, or labours, who had to toil hard for their livelihood, and needed protein-rich food but were not economically sound enough to be able to buy meat of chicken, goat or others, and hence would feed upon any source of meat that was consumable and healthy.

However, as it happened, the caste system disfigured and started to run into families except for the profession. So today the scenario is:

1. A Brahmin, who is a soldier or into a profession requiring protein-rich source of food, is still eating vegetarian.

2. A Rajput, who is an IT professional, professor, or living a sedentary lifestyle is still feasting upon chicken and meat every other day and hence by the time he is 35-40 has cholesterol levels shooting up and heart problems.

Similarly to all other professions.

People should have a diet based on their lifestyle and their caste or religion has nothing to do with it. However, as is the case, not many are aware of the evolution of different food habits and simply following their family line. 

So, start choosing your food habits based on your life style. Your religion or caste has nothing to do with your food in the present scenario. 


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